Tap, Tap, Tap

… is this thing still on?

Besides that Tumblr blog where I collect factory flicks on a NSFW domain, I haven’t produced much written content for public consumption over the past three years. Looks like they even shut down Google Reader because this blog dried up!

But things are about to change! Here’s the plan:

My talk proposal for PyCon 2017 just got accepted (via a detour through the backup talks list). The title that my pressure prompted brain came up with a few hours before the submission deadline:

Factory Automation with Python - Stories about Robots, Serial Ports, and Barcode Readers

I happen to follow a strict “no talk without a demo” doctrine. Which is to say that I’ll be putting together a physcial demo with whatever robotic things I can get my hands on by May.

You, dear reader, will be able to couch-participate by reading my irregular status updates about writing Python and digging through surplus factory tech website. Part 1 will be about barcode scanners, and specifically the procurement and utilization of this beauty:

Barcode Scanner

If that tickles your fancy, oil your RSS readers, or whatever it is kids these days do to subscribe to blogs.