Robotics Journals Comparison

I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of writing during my time in grad school. Ironically, recently I had to do a lot of writing to be formally left out of grad school.

One of the first steps of the actual writing process for a journal paper is to select a journal to publish in. Things to consider are the relevance and impact of the journal, and mechanical details such as limits on page count. None of this info is easy to find, so I set down for a few hours and compiled the following table for seven of the better known robotics journals.

Publisher Sage IEEE IEEE Springer Elsevier Cambridge Springer IEEE
Website link link link link link link link link
Impact Factor (2012) 2.863 2.571 2.484 1.908 1.156 0.88 0.827 3.135
Eigenfactor 0.007497 0.01148 0.004455 0.002366 0.004485 0.002241 0.001613 0.004954
Article Influence 1.0871 1.0279 1.3031 0.5709 0.496 0.3036 0.252 0.6653
Issues per Year 12-14 6 4 6-8 12 7-8 8-10 6
Length Limit ? 10 pages 4000 words 75,000 chars none none none 8 pages
Additional Paid Length N/A 7 pages yes no N/A N/A N/A yes
Additional Length Cost N/A $175/page $250/page N/A N/A N/A N/A $200
Latex Class/Template ? link any pdf link link any pdf link link
Review Style ? single blind single blind single blind (?) single blind (?) ? ? single blind
Suggested Reviewers yes (3) no no yes (4) yes (3) no no no

The long-form names of abbreviated journal titles in the table above are:


The Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab at TU Darmstadt maintains a page about impact factors of robotics journals, which is one of the sources I used for the table above.