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Published - Apr 16 2011

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Today is the day I start text blogging. Text blogging is a new thing for me. I’ve had two photo blogs before: The Daily London Photo and The Daily Ithaca Photo (together with Conny and Alice). For most photos I usually wrote a short text, sometimes descriptive, occasionally unrelated and often completely made up. But times have changed.

Let’s quickly looks at blogs with Venn Diagrams. First, there’s the personal blog where one person writes about all the things that are going on in their head. “Personal blog” is actually a bit of a misnomer because the odd, the embarrassing and the stuff that’s actually personal doesn’t appear on most personal blogs.

Venn Diagram 1

If the filter breaks you get an embarrassing blog:

Venn Diagram 2

This blog here is going to be neither personal nor embarrassing. It’s going to be a topical blog (Wikipedia calls them blogs by genre).

Venn Diagram 3

While I do have interests in all sorts of things from Dutch electronic music through the German governments policy on net neutrality and all the way to prison education in American prisons, this blog is going to focus on two things only:

  1. Programming and software development with a heavy slant towards web development and mobile technologies.
  2. Robotics, inclined towards biomimetic and modular robots.

Here are two remarks about this two-item list:

  1. The list is ordered.
  2. My own robotics research will only be mentioned after it has been published through traditional channels (i.e. journals and conferences).

You are probably still trying to figure out if this stuff is worth subscribing to. Since I didn’t even know you were going to read this text when I was writing it, you shouldn’t expect an answer now. But, to have an excuse to continue making Venn Diagrams, let me tell you about the three types of readers I expect to fill my log files.

Venn Diagram 4

That’s reader type #1 - (s)he’s interested in everything I write. If you see yourself in this Venn Diagram, we should be friends. Or maybe we are already.

Venn Diagram 5

If you are interested only in one of the topics I intend to cover here, then there will be entries that you are not interested in. Deal with it. Subscribe anyway.

Venn Diagram 6

Finally, if this Venn Diagram is you and you are still reading, you are probably my Mom. Thanks for reading my first blog entry, Mom!